Valley of the gods

Dear Erika

Here is the story of Valley of the Gods, the place where i took the photo that is now on your bedroom wall!

This place is in Southeastern Utah, not far from Monument Valley, but not as many tourists. Utah is a marvelous place, with many strange rock formations, a desert with orange sand, ancient dwellings and villages built by people thousands of years ago, and places to go where you are very alone.

Valley of the Gods is probably my favorite of all these places because there are so few people, it is very quiet, and I can take beautiful pictures. It is important to me to be able to go where i can be alone with my thoughts, and not have to worry about the news, or computers or anything else, just for a while.  At night the sky is full of stars because there are no cities nearby.  And there are no sounds except for a cricket. And sometimes, no sounds at all.

I have gone there many times, and i have camped there when it was snowing, when there were rainbows, and sometimes when it was really windy. And i have hiked far into the canyons there, where i have found pools of water that i could swim in, right next to rock formations and sand dunes!  the night that i took the picture that is on your wall was very special, because that was an amazing sunset that night. the whole sky turned orange.  I have never seen it like that again.


Here is a drone video i made


And here are a few more pictures that I have taken there. Just click on one if you want to see a larger picture. then click the back arrow to go back. one of these pictures is of me camping under the stars.