beach form late dayHaving chosen to limit travel, we have been in the current location, on the Central Oregon Coast, for the past 3 months. This area is not the rugged coastline of Cape Perpetua or Samuel Boardman, so often photographed; rather, it is a flat, sandy beach nearly 10km long and 200 meters wide at low tide, with low, shifting dunes and meandering streams flowing into the sea. Frequent high winds re-sculpt the sand, obliterating footprints and re-routing the streams. Having to remain in this one place, with only the ocean, sky and flat beach as my subject matter, has been a gift, in that it provides a challenge to work in a location that is not popular for photography, yet is rich in endlessly changing form and light.

spent over 7 months here, watching how seasons, tides, winds and water shape the place. I made hundreds of visits to this one beach, at all times of the day. I watched the sunset move north at first, pause, then turn south, faster with the passing days.