West of the 100th Meridian there are lands of vision, hope, awe and fear. Mountains that were sacred to some were a curse to others. The canyons and badlands, once described as a “heckuva place to lose a cow in”, are now favored destinations for visitors from around the world.

The American West symbolizes our sense of wonder, risk, adventure. We can find places where we imagine ourselves as one of only a few who have ever been there….places that, even though we may never visit them, assure us that there yet exists in this country an enchanting unknown.

The Portfolios

Red Rock & Canyon Country

Walk among silent red rock sentinels in Utah and Arizona, contemplate distant vistas in New Mexico, and find solitude and peace. Here is a microcosm of the endless possibilities and complexities of infinite creation.

The coincidence of light, cloud, rock and time comforts you with the feeling that there is, in this vast realm, a moment that is unique, never to be seen again.

Desert Notes

Spend a winter night sleeping in the desert. More stars fill the sky than the grains of sand beneath your feet.

The morning brings surprise: frost that quickly evaporates in the dry air and perhaps a sunrise that ignites the high clouds and pastels the dunes.

Mountains & High Country

High in the clear air where summer pauses briefly, one may find an abundance of color and scent that is only an intermission in the grand drama of ice, wind and rock.

Pacific Coast

Tides and tectonics combine to present constant creativity and change. Here there is a banquet of scents, sounds and sensations.

Roads To Santa Fe

Roads leading to Santa Fe are scenic and historic; some are sacred. All follow paths that for millennia have had special meaning to the people who travel them.

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Recent Work

Embrace The Changes

Having chosen to limit travel, we have been in the current location, on the Central Oregon Coast, for the past 3 months. This area is not the rugged coastline of Cape Perpetua or Samuel Boardman, so often photographed; rather, it is a flat, sandy beach nearly 10km...

The Red Road

I have visited this remote  area in Southern Utah many times, and always find new inspiration. The entire landscape is composed of rocks in many shades of red, brown and orange. Light, water and clouds change these shades, so that each visit provides new perspectives...

Shoshone Tipi

Its name comes from the Lakota word, "thipi", meaning a dwelling. A perfect design for a nomadic people.  The tipi was adopted by western tribes like the Blackfoot, Shoshone,  Crow and Cheyenne because of its portability. I have always liked the image of a tipi set...

Desert Bloom

Early one morning after a rainy night in March I hiked a mile or so across the desert to find fields of desert sunflower, primrose, and sand verbena. That's snow-covered Toro Peak in the distance. I returned to the car with my pants soaked from last night's rain and...

Golden Wave

Another image from the Central Coast. I love the ever-changing coastline because instead of moving around, hunting for the right image, I can stay in one place and let light and water bring an image to me! It required several visits at differenct times of the year to...

Golden Light

Winter storms have brought high surf and constantly changing beach conditions. This spot, on the Central Coast, changes every time I visit. I stood here on this tiny beach for over two hours, a cliff at my back, waves lapping at my toes, watching the light change with...

Anza Borrego Super Bloom

This year's bloom in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park was spectacular and long-lived, thanks to abundant rains and cool temperatures. We camped in the desert through most of the winter, following the bloom as it matured in various areas of the park. We experienced...