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“Sharpness”, asserted Henri Cartier-Bresson, “Is a bourgeois concept”. In pursuit of sharpness we photographers chase after the best lenses, or lug a large format camera into impossible places like False Kiva. So, is sharpness a prerequisite for a good picture? … Continued


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Again tonight the Thunder Beings have lined up along the mountains: Sangre De Cristo, Sandia, Taylor, Jemez, Manzano. Dark giants, they communicate with their lightnings.

Breaking the rules

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I feels good to break rules, especially when it yields some interesting results. We are all told not to shoot directly toward the sun. But that’s where you can find some really good light! I especially like using the sun … Continued


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The old-timers just called it the rainy season–July-August. But somehow the name “monsoon” gained popularity, and now pretty much everyone uses it. This year, especially after a particularly hot and dry June, the word has become part of a prayer, … Continued