Compadres playground in Eldorado
jack arnold joses place II
Jose’s Place II

Most of my favorite landscape photos include clouds, mainly because they add drama and draw attention through the scene. Here in New Mexico we are known for predominately cloudless skies; but when the clouds appear, they are usually spectacular.

I seldom take pictures only of clouds, preferring to find an interesting foreground to add balance to an image. Typically, on a hot summer day when the monsoon clouds are building, I will start looking for locations with good foregrounds to build composition. I have scouted a few areas in anticipation of a time when good clouds may appear, and have had some luck at this.  The villages of Galisteo and Cerrillos are a couple of my favorite locations.

(update, 2011)

I have been lately trying more abstract foregrounds, thinking about letting a dramatic sky have a more powerful role in the composition, and letting the foreground act as more of a complementary element.

Jack Arnold Jemez Light 1
Jemez Light I

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